Venerable Dengbin JiangChan Rinpoche, the chair of the Zhecha monastery, issued a supreme Bodhi petition for all sentient beings to escape from this coronavirus pandemic: "All believers must recite the Guru Padmasambhava's mantra as soon as possible from now on for 100,000 times.  ——Zhecha Monastery Discipline Committee

Who is Guru Padmasambhava   |   Guru Padmasambhava's mantra



Amitabha Mantra 2 hours

Ksitigarbha Mantra and Prayer

Wrathful Guru Rinpoche vajra armour mantra

The Great Compassion Mantra Mantra Of Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit - 2 hours

Cundhi bodhisattva

Vajrasattva by Kempo Sodaji

Ushnisha Sita Tapatra Sutra from GeGen Monstery - 大白伞盖佛母 葛根庙

Long Life Buddaha by Ni Ma Cuo

Yellow zambala


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