This world is not created by God, only the soul is creating everything. The source of the living space is that the soul needs to create something like this, let him have a home and have a living environment.

Just as two people want a home, and each other's cognition reaches the foundation of a common life, they will work together for this family, such as trying to make money to buy a house, then having children and so on. A place where people feel that their soul needs a town, there will be a town, then a small city and a big city. Most of them are souls to think about before they create. If the soul has not thought about it, there is no way to create a future. The soul is constantly thinking, sending out its needs outwards, karma and harmony, you will meet the people you want to meet, happening what you want to happen, there will be a so-called love at first sight or a dream come true.

There is a guy who works at Petro-China. They went to the vast deserts of Xinjiang to find oil. In the process, they must first find the source of water. Later, in the underground more than 200 meters to more than 500 meters, he found a source of underground water, inserted a pipe, pumped water from under the ground, he made a pool on the ground as big as a house. Everyone has been drinking this water. In a few days, he found a lot of big fish in the pool. He is puzzling, where does the fish come from? The pipes are only so thin, but the fish looks a lot. Many scientists have published their own conclusions, saying that there are many small fish in the dark river under the ground. The small fish are pumped up from the pipe, and they encounter the oxygen outside. The atmosphere makes them genetically mutated and suddenly becomes so big. Although everyone is still skeptical, there is no other explanation that can be said.

Later, around their work sheds, some people planted some small trees from the inside. From Karamay of Xinjiang, there were more than 200 kilometers of desert roads. You can see some plants look good. You can use a bottle to make a hole and slowly drip some water to the plants, they can survive and will not dry out. One morning, he went to a bathroom in the wild and suddenly saw a small animal in front of him looking at him. He saw a hare and shocked him. and then he saw several hares. After a few days, various birds also appeared.

He began to think again. This time, no one can explain it to him. Ask everyone to say that it is possible that your workers have stolen them. Anyone can say that they have not brought rabbits in, and those rabbits are obviously not artificially farmed. They are all hares. Later he asked me. I told him that these are easy to explain in Buddhism. Buddhism tells everyone that the form of life is born with egg-born, wombs-born, hot and cold-born, wet-born or transformation-born. Many people have asked me: "Rinpoche, you are a master, please tell us, is there an egg first, or a chicken?"

This so-called world problem is actually very simple. It must be an egg first, then a chicken, and then chicken will has eggs. Do not believe? If you don't take a shower for a few days. Inside your clothes, you will soon have an "egg." Where does this "egg" come from? From the hot and cold of your body, the soul of the bacteria will create a shell, which will eventually evolve into a egg,As long as the heat, moisture and other factors are sufficient, the soul can make its own shell.

What karma is it then what will happen. There is a place called longly hell in Buddhism. In the desert, the eggs will not die for hundreds of millions of years. After a little rain or a little water, it becomes a worm and then it will die. If it is the state of the eggs, he will not die there for tens of thousands of years, but it does not mean that it has no suffering, but suffers in the lonely hell. The rabbits that suddenly appear are similar.

There is also a kind of transformation-born that can be born without parents. Just put a bit of rotten meat here, it doesn't take long, the rotten meat will grow up, and it can grow flies, mosquitoes, etc. from the inside. So who are their parents? It is the soul among the voids. They are born into rotten meat and find a shell, which will be produced by rotten meat. In the space, it is possible to become the home of the soul everywhere. Because of their karma, they will begin the course of life in various ways and continue to suffer in the cycle.

The soul is everywhere. You look at your hand under the microscope, and all of the above are the same souls as you. They don't have enough the good-fortune now, they can only be a parasite on your body. When one day some of them are blessed and has increased their own fortune, some will want to replace you. Like there are some people was attacked by ghost,and ghost attached on his body to caused some mental and behavior problem,  This is actually because this person's blessing(good-fortune) is not enough, and the body is occupied by other souls. In the event of a natural disaster such as a major earthquake, there will be a large number of people passing away, they lose the soul of the body, they will compete for the bodies of other people, and drive away the souls of other people. This so-called "attached" incident is also happened a lot. Therefore, people should always look inside, and we ourselves, we are the the big king of our own body its only because we are temporary have sufficient blessings(good-fortune).

Gama Rinpoche
Buddhism UK