Help children in Nepal



Kirtipur Bhatkepati Succers HIV Education Center, Baby Life Home is an orphanage charity working in Nepal, providing love, care and education to children living with HIV. There are currently 21 orphans living at the HIV Baby Life Home, who have already gone through the devastating loss of their parents due to HIV related illnesses.
The charity was founded 6 years ago by Mr Raj Kumar Pun and Ms. Uma Gurung, who sold their own homes in order to raise funding for accommodation for the children and to provide the care they so desperately need.
These children need a full health check every month, a blood test every three months and a white blood cell test every half a year. Fortunately, these checks have been provided by the local hospitals free of charge. In the past 6 years, they managed to mainly self-fund, selling hand made goods and producing children’s CDs. Local villagers have helped by donating whatever food they can for the children. They were even able to have 8 teachers provide education for the orphans. Devastatingly, on 25th April 2015 the orphanage was destroyed by the Nepal earthquake, forcing them to move into temporary shelter. To make things worse, they have now been asked to leave this in three months’ time.
Through much hard work, the HIV Education Center, Baby Life Home has managed to raise just enough money to buy a piece of land of its own. However, they are in desperate need for more in order to build accommodation and to cover daily expenses of providing the vital care for these children. They dream of building a home that is even bigger and better for the children
Please, can you help them achieve this?
Your support is very much needed and appreciated. Please visit the website below to provide donations at this desperate time.
Or contact Mrs Irene Ng