Venerable Dengbin JiangChan Rinpoche, the chair of the Zhecha monastery, issued a supreme Bodhi petition for all sentient beings to escape from this coronavirus pandemic: "All believers must recite the Guru Padmasambhava's mantra as soon as possible from now on for 100,000 times.  ——Zhecha Monastery Discipline Committee

Who is Guru Padmasambhava   |   Guru Padmasambhava's mantra



Ani Tsering Wangmo - Mani Yang

Ani Tsering Wangmo Medicine Tree Wrathful Guru Rinpoche prayers

Prayer for rebirth in pure land Dewachan Monlam female version wmv

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo Subtitled 能显自然根本智普贤王如来祈愿文 字幕

Prayer for pure land Dewachen (Male Version)

The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche to remove obstacle and wishfulling

Kuntuzangpo prayer

Prayer and Mantra of Zambhala by Khenpo Pema Choephel Rinpoche

Vajrakilaya Mantra - Song Style


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