LuoSang LongDa Vajra Guru


LuoSang LongDa Vajra Guru 洛桑龙达上师

By LuoSang LongDa Vajra Guru ( 洛桑龙达上师)

1: Prayer for Buddha Shakyamuni
2: Prayer for Tsongkhapa
3: Four Refuge Prayer
4: Prayer for Guru
5: The Great Compassion
6: Green Tara
7: White Tara

1: 狮子吼
b: 宗喀巴佛祈请文
2: 四皈依
3: 兜率天上师供养文
4: 大悲咒
5: 绿度母咒
6: 白度母咒 



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