Protection of Infectious Diseases


Wrathful Guru Rinpoche vajra armour mantra

Guru Rinpoche told Berotsana that, at the end of the world, the blessings of all sentient beings were reportedly damaged, natural disasters and all kinds of unknown epidemic infectious virus is spread. no medicine can be used to treat the situation. In the era of extreme suffering of all beings, you must have full confidence in the vajra armour that is the essence of 100,000 mantras. 

Recite the Vajra Armor is very remarkable. According to Mai Peng Rinpoche ’s narrative: if you recite this often, you can get rid of all the strange diseases; You will be able to reach to the pure land at the end.

Om Padma Sharvari  phat , Nan par sig, Naga nan , sarva   brita  Hana   Hana, vajrena Raksha Raksha Svaha